I am on a journey to align myself spiritually, physically, and mentally. In doing so I plan to awaken my inner queen. Here I will post things that I am trying out or have found to be helpful for me along this journey. I will also be posting anything I may find interesting, funny or beautiful, from images of inspirational women to quotes & music. Peace ♚

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Black Girls Rock: Twin Dancers Are Accepted to American Ballet Theatre’s Prestigious Summer Program

Twin sisters Nia and Imani Lindsay have been accepted into the prestigious American Ballet Theatre’s (ABT) Summer Program on scholarship. The young girls have been walking since 8 months and have been dancing ever since. At 10-years old the two are trained in jazz, ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, and tap dance. They are also fluent in English, Spanish and French.

While they reside in Canada they made a trip to New York City to audition for ABT’s Summer Intensive program and found time to sit down with Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes to discuss their big news, bullying, their beautiful natural hair and why they love Misty Copeland:

Such an inspiration! I am so insanely proud of these girls.

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"Happy New cycle …. Spring Equinox day …. celebrate the spring… growth… fertility…. new beginnings … plant seeds … mentally… spiritually and physically"

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By Ifeyinwa Arinze

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

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Young Sanaa Lathan and her father, Stan Lathan.



Hair and make up by me

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Happy Women’s Day

to celebrate we feature the work of a great Kenyan artist James Njoroge from his “Mwanamke ni effort” series (roughly translating to it takes a lot of effort being a woman or the more succinct “woman IS effort”)

James Njoroge aka Kimoshire

Country: Kenya

Style: Realist/ Digital Art

Fun Fact: I am a fine art student in Kenyatta University. I love doing illustrations and playing around with design software.



1. Haki (Right)

2.Nywele (hair)

3. Chama (association)

4. What it feels like to be a girl

5. Mama Soko (market Woman)

6. Nywele (hair)

7. Mother Makmende (SuperMom)

8. Ndio Sababu Hajanichoka (It’s Why She’s not tired of me)

9.Nywele (Hair)

10. Taji (crown)

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Jumper: Free people  Belt: Vintage
Gabrielle, 24, Los Angeles


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